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Reshoring – Switzerland in the front row to welcome the return of companies

In the last ten years, companies that have implemented the strategy of delocalizing production have experienced growing difficulties in logistic procurement and continuity of the production chain.

The problem has become even more evident from 2020 to today: the impact of the pandemic on supply chains, the containment strategies implemented by nations (think of the zero infection strategy applied by China), the conflict in Ukraine and its repercussions on the supply of raw materials and products, have and are playing a decisive role in inducing many companies to reconsider the usefulness of production relocation and to study return home strategies (Reshoring).

Modern supply chain management approaches – Lean Manufacturing Just-in-Time – have also significantly reduced waste along the supply chain without affecting the quality of the final product.
From this point of view, Reshoring would make it possible to achieve the highest quality standards of the company, allowing the company to implement a more direct and reactive control of production and to react more easily, with fewer constraints, and faster to contractions or expansions of the market.

Switzerland, and in particular Ticino, represent the best choice for those who are considering the Reshoring of their business.
The excellent road and rail system, proximity to the Milan Malpensa logistics hub, a transparent, advantageous and competitive bureaucratic and fiscal system, the availability of skilled labor and flexible work legislation are just some of the factors of attraction which, with appropriate advice, can be leveraged to increase a firm’s margins and profitability.

The LVA VELO SA law firm, thanks to lawyers specialized in corporate, tax, labor and administrative law, has been providing advice and assistance to companies that intend to evaluate the possibility of moving production or company headquarters to Switzerland for over 30 years.